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Decide how you want to explore the beauty that surrounds us and immerse yourself in our authentic escapes.

From the magnificent ancient temples to volcanic mountains, quaint villages, powdery white beaches, lush hiking trails and a deep, rich cultural heritage, there is much to experience and many things to do on the exotic island of Bali. Thanks to the location of the Jungle Villas in the Tabanan Regency nearby to beachside Canggu, exciting adventures and cultural discoveries lie just beyond the villas’ walls. We look forward to helping curate journeys that respect the changing landscape of social distancing whilst still providing lasting memories of your stay in Bali. Here are just a few suggestions:


Sungai Jungle Villas Signature Local Experiences

Your personal concierge can tailor one-of-a-kind excursions and activities to guide you on your discovery of the hidden treasures that abound within this fascinating traditional village including:

  1. Temple Offerings and personal Blessing Ceremony

  2. Rice Paddy Walks/Bike Rides and Village Tour​

  3. Morning Traditional Market Tour

  4. Suckling pig at the renowned local Selingsin restaurant

  5. Participation in fabulous village Ceremonies 

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Tours & Excursions

To make even more of your stay with us, consider special curated tours which may include day or half day trips to Ubud, Tanah Lot temples,  sunrise at Mount Batur.... or get active on a jungle hike, white-water rafting, elephant safaris, or some of the best snorkelling and diving anywhere in the world. Top picks:

  1. John Hardy Jewellery Workshop tour incl lunch with staff

  2. 'Temple Treasure': Visit the most significant temples 

  3. UNESCO World Heritage subak irrigation experience

  4. Rafting, snorkelling or diving at the best sites on the island

  5. Your choice of cooking class incl morning market tour 


Restaurants & Cool Bars/Beach Clubs

We work tirelessly to keep tabs on Bali’s best new restaurants, most exciting young chefs, stylish new nightclubs and cutting-edge boutiques. We would love to share some of our  favourite restaurants best tied in with shopping or sightseeing trips to minimise travelling. Our concierge would be happy to make reservations prior to your arrival at the Sungai Jungle Villas or share a list as and when you need.

While its perfect waves lure surfers from around the world, it's the designer boutiques, cool bars,  tropical spas and healthy cafes that put this island destination on the top of every savvy traveller's itinerary - and that's before we even mention the breathtaking sunsets and picturesque paddyfields overlooking the magnificent black sand beaches.

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