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“Sungai is not strictly a hotel, but an ingenious hybrid combining the personalised privacy of a villa with the effortless charm of a world-class 5-star hotel.”

- Jessica Burrell, Absolutely London, UK

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JUNGLE VILLA I (1-3 bedrooms); 18m pool; spa room; bar bale; dining/leisure pavilion; outdoor dining pergola

  • Bedroom 1: 

Master-suite at the end of the 18m pool looking to the bar bale at the far end. 60m2, king (+ 1 single or cot possible), outdoor bath + twin showers, TV

  • Bedroom 2:

Poolside, looking to the jungle and river across the 18m infinity pool. 40m2, inter-connectable with Bedroom 3 (+ 1 cot possible), outdoor shower

  • Bedroom 3:

Poolside, looking to the jungle and river across the 18m infinity pool. 40m2, inter-connectable with Bedroom 2  (+ 1 cot possible), outdoor shower, TV

JUNGLE VILLA II (1-3 bedrooms); 10m pool; dining/leisure pavilion

  • Bedroom 1:

The master-suite’s private balcony overlooks the pool, river, and jungle beyond. 60m2, inter-connectable with Bedroom 2, king bed (+ cot possible), dressing room, extra armoire, outdoor twin showers, indoor bath, TV

  • Bedroom 2:

Opens directly to pool deck/terrace with vistas over the pool to the river and jungle beyond. 50m2, inter-connectable with Bedroom 1, king (+ single or 3 singles possible + cot), dressing room, outdoor twin showers and bath, TV

  • Bedroom 3:

Opens to pool deck and dining/leisure pavilion with views to jungle beyond. 60m2, king (+ cot or single bed possible), dressing room, outdoor twin showers, indoor bath. 


Book the three-suite flagship Jungle Villa I or its smaller sister the three-suite, couple-friendly Jungle Villa II, or take over both (Jungle Villa I and Jungle Villa II) for the ultimate glam escape and exceptional Sungai experience.

​Whether travelling solo, as a couple or in a group (up to 12), we look forward to discussing the perfect combination of accommodation for you at Sungai Jungle Villas.


Jungle House II

Jungle House I

A            Bedroom 1 (master suite)

B            Bedroom 2

C            Bedroom 3

D            Dining/Leisure Pavilion

E            Infinity Pool

F            Pool Lounge Area


A            Kitchen

B            Outdoor dining pergola

C            Music room

D            Living room

E            Dining Room

F            Bedroom 3

G            Bedroom 2

H            Bedroom 1 (master suite)

I             Pool deck 1

J             Infinity pool

K            Pool bar bale

L             Pool deck 2

M           Spa room

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